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It is my deepest conviction that every family is unique in what works for them. I am here to serve, encourage, and respect you as you discern what is best for you and your family. Please call for more information or to schedule a video chat to see if our services are right for you! 

Pregnancy through Birth Doula Care


I have heard it said that your doula is only a care provider, not your friend. I adamantly disagree. As I care for you, a trusting friendship very organically develops, that will help your birth feel safe and positive. I come alongside you and your entire family because this new baby will impact every one of you!

Our very first appointment is designed to get to know each other. This is your intake appointment. I gather information that helps me help you maneuver through your pregnancy, labor, and delivery with ease.  Every family receives a special Arrow and Root gift that welcomes you to the Arrow and Root Family!

We will meet a second time to go over a variety of coping techniques to help you feel your best and to feel prepared for the pending delivery. Each appointment will cover pregnancy and birth education, prenatal counseling, and birth techniques.

During your third trimester, we will meet again. By now, I will have developed a personalized birth plan for you that likely has been edited a dozen times to make it perfect! Each birth plan provides for the unexpected twists and turns that labor can take. Instead of being caught off guard, you will have learned all you need to know to make confident decisions for you and your baby. Three hard copies of your birth plan are kept in your confidential client folder that travels with me to your hospital or birth center so you can easily hand them out to those who are caring for you. This final pre-birth meeting may be done in your home, your physcian or midwife's office, or over a cup of coffee! Many mothers appreciate my attending one of their prenatal appointments or ultrasound appointments with them. Full disclosure...I am in love with Starbucks. If I am to meet you at an appointment, I absolutely insist you provide me with your order for a tea or coffee or hot cocoa so we can enjoy a treat!

During your pregnancy, I keep in contact with you through phone calls and texting. Some enjoy checking in each week and some enjoy chatting monthly. This is your body, your pregnancy, your baby, and you run the show!

When labor begins, I come to you when and where you want and I will stay with you throughout the duration of your delivery. I do not take extended breaks unless you request private time with your family. For long deliveries, I simply rest when you rest but I do not leave the room for more than a quick potty break or to grab a snack. No...I won’t be using your bathroom unless we are in a home situation. Your comfort and privacy are incredibly important to me. I will not ask you to do anything you are uncomfortable doing and I will always work with your care team. I have a bag of tricks that even Mary Poppins covets. We will do everything that works for you to help you have the birth you desire. Birth can be fun, exciting, happy, relaxing, peaceful, and spiritual or anything else you desire. Dream big friend! Dream big!

In emergent situations, I will remain with you and help you and your family to understand what is happening. If you require a cesarean section, I will remain with you unless hospital protocol requires me to wait outside the operating room. In those situations, I stay, care for your room, and wait for you to come back to recovery. After each birth, I remain with you for about an hour or two to make certain you and your baby are comfortable and resting in a clean, relaxed atmosphere. I charge for only 20 hours out of every 24 hours of labor and delivery. The first 24 hours are included in the initial fee. On occasion, labor and delivery can exceed the initial 24 hours so in those instances, I charge a discounted rate of $20 per hour, totaling no more than $200 per day.

I am a firm believer in the fourth trimester! I find many times this is where the biggest needs surface. I will come to you at least once after your baby is born, during the early post-partum weeks to help you maneuver through some of those early obstacles and to make certain you feel safe, rested, and comfortable. Since mothers choosing to breastfeed can run into challenges requiring professional help, every doula client of mine is able to receive discounted services from me as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant which can be reimbursed through most insurance companies.

So that is a LOT of information, isn't it? The reason for that is because I desire to help every woman achieve a birth that she feels good about. I want you and your family to be healthy, happy, and at peace. If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them for you.

Pregnancy Pampering

$135 or $105 with the birth doula package

Pure, safe, and relaxing. You will be pampered and relaxed as you enjoy the following services tailored for the pregnant mama~

I am a NYS Licenced Cosmetologist and use only natural and safe products!

Hair cut and blowdry

Pedicure with foot and lower leg massage

Botantical Facial and Neck Relaxation Treatment

Hand and Lower arm

Labor Kick Starter

$120 or $105 with the birth package

2 hour session filled with labor starting fun, tailored to your needs and wants! This may include a relaxing pedicure, careful use of pressure points, effleurage, belly dancing, vigorous walking, labor ball exercises, speed-me-up recipes, and a list of exciting chores for your husband! OH...and we will laugh! Laugh and laugh and laugh!!! Though no technique is guaranteed to work, this is guaranteed to relax you and put a smile on your face. Because my track record is oddly high, I do insist that only full term, low risk dyads engage!!